Trade Gauge
Dealers who offer the Trade Gauge on their websites promote a modern and transparent process all while giving the customer the most accurate answer to the question: “What’s my Trade Worth?”.
Why use Trade Gauge?
Trade Gauge helps dealerships engage consumers that are spending time online before they buy, break down the walls of trust, loyalty and misconceptions, which in turn will have them choosing you over your competition!
Gain Leads
Encourages customers to provide contact information by prompting them to do so throughout the process. Once at the beginning, in middle and again at the end if they wish to book an appointment or request a callback.
Vehicle of Interest
Know the vehicle your customer was interested in at your dealership. While a customer is viewing a vehicle on your VDP’s we capture that URL link and share this information with you when a Trade Gauge lead is submitted.
Appointments & Callbacks
Your customers can book their own appointment but in the case that a customer is a bit shy they can also have the option to select a callback in which the lead would come directly to your team and a time sensitive callback is required.