Campaign Maker
Make beautiful email and SMS campaigns that help you connect with your customers. Create responsive emails and promotions that get delivered to the right people at the right time.
Make great
Campaign Maker is a part of the carma Dashboard suite. This built in feature will help you create HTML templates without any knowledge of coding. Use a drag & drop intereface to simply design responsive templates or campaigns.
Store your data
Segment unique customers with regards to all other products in carma’s eco-system. Seamlessly store your customer’s data and easily create mailing lists based on where the customers came from on your website.
Email your
Simply create an email marketing campaign that fits your dealership’s needs. Share your story or newsletter, promote a sales event or limited time offer. Campaign Maker helps dealerships connect and build a customer network.
SMS follow up
Automatically send SMS to your customers and sales agents.

Create and save a delivery schedule so that SMS campaigns are launched when your customers are most likely to see the message.
Instant reporting
Dive into the statistics and insights of your campaigns in terms of deliveries vs. bounces, opens vs. unique opens, desktop vs. mobile and much more. View the total click-count of any link that is used in your campaign messaging.
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