Ride Finance
Ride Finance is a web-tool designed for dealerships to help offer an honest and easy-to-use financial credit check to customers who are interested in financing their next vehicle.
No more smoke
and mirrors
Ride Finance is the most upfront customer-facing credit application tools on the market. Unlike many others, Ride Finance is easy to use and only asks the questions that are required. No more long and boring static forms.
Gain leads
Whether targeting a prime or subprime customer, you receive the application details right in your CRM and in your inbox. Your team gets notified immediately and have the chance to close the deal while the customer is still interested.
Track behaviour
Are you using Google Analytics to track users behaviour on your website? Ride Finance integrates with Google Analytics and logs the progress of every customer so that you can have a better understanding of their behaviour.
User friendly
Static forms not converting well? Ride Finance provides a pleasant experience for your customers. Whether they are on their mobile or on their computer, they can easily navigate through the steps without any frustrations.
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