Sales Board
Dealerships who incorporate Sales Board into their business practices are able to live track targets and goals by digitally connecting the sales, financial and management teams.
Why use
Sales Board?
Sales Board is carma’s powerhouse dashboard management tool.

The Sales Board makes it possible for dealerships to manage the flow of every deal on a modern and straightforward user interface.
Stay Organized
Visualize the performance of your sales experts and teams. Pinpoint sales strengths and weaknesses. Use the Totals page and the Leaderboard to define individual, team, and store goals and track each one on a monthly basis.
Track the flow
Replaces physical stickerboards with an electronic version.

Track how long it takes for each team (Sales, Management, Financial) to complete their tasks for every individual deal.
Sales Board is a part of the carma Dash Board which requires no installation.

If integrated with Trade Gauge, automatically associates customer’s purchase with their trade-in.
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