Trade Certificate
In a non-intrusive way, customers that have received service will be provided a Trade Certificate which contains the market value of their vehicle and a guaranteed purchase price valid for 30 days.
Engage your
After completing service at any of your locations, customers receive a “Thank You” email with a summary of their visit. The link included in their email will generate the Trade Certificate where they can provide their consent to be contacted.
Provide added
value to them
Provide value to your customers without changing your existing procedures. Customer’s can sell their vehicle privately as before all while benefiting from a guarantee that they will get real cash for their vehicle within 30 days.
A segment not
targeted yet
Every day, many customers who take their vehicles into a service centre are interested in selling or trading their vehicles. There is great potential for you company to be generating more high quality leads and to monetize on them.
New income,
minimum effort
Given that the customers are willing to sell their vehicles at the price shown to them, the leads from your company will be the highest qualified leads, and their values will be greatly increased. Minimum effort is required after initial setup.
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