About carma

Empowering automotive retailers to do more everyday.

Technology is the backbone of all automotive retail businesses (dealers). All dealers want to increase sales, improve service, and push the bottom line. We provide innovative solutions for dealer problems. We empower dealers to find hidden efficiencies, to offer their customers novel experiences, to make ideal use of technology: to do more everyday.

We believe in these core principles:
  • Platform first. We offer a shared platform. Dealer gets secure access to their own private segmented section. Sharing the platform allows for a virtuous cycle of continual improvement. Improvements for one dealer help all. We believe our platform first approach unlocks the best long term value for all dealers. We make key technology decisions around our platform architecture.
  • Solve problems. Within our platform, our products primarily solve tangible dealer problems. No fluffware. Of course, a product nobody wants to use solves few problems. Therefore, we consider the user experience and design to be a strong part of solving problems. A well designed product with a great user experience drives product use. The more a dealer’s staff and customers use our products the more we empower the dealer.
  • Accessible platform. We make application programming interfaces (APIs) available to third parties to connect with our platform. An accessible platform improves at a greater speed than a closed platform. Accessible platforms provide greater flexibility to meet unique dealer needs, empowering all dealers to do more. Additionally, we open source non-core technology as appropriate.

We believe in continually improving our platform by building integrated world-class products that solve dealership problems. This is not easy. This means choosing to not build many products and features. This means spending more time than is required on refining products, observing our products being used in the real world, and thinking through solutions. We believe in one shared platform to enable all dealers to access the best technology at an affordable cost. We feel solving dealer problems through a shared platform empowers dealers to do more. We work every day to enable dealers to accomplish more.